Inner Guidance – Finding that important beacon

Inner guidance – such a popular concept, so much used and talked about but what does it mean?

How do you get in touch with your inner guidance? Why doesn’t it “always” work?

There are no simple answers to these questions so, yes, here are many books touching the topic but the answer lies within you. Inner guidance is individual, personal, even unique, for you, within you and as such, you need to learn to know it.

Just like when you learnt to know every other part, side and feature within your self. It requires the desire to know, a bit of patience and an investment of time but the reward is stunning.

First – have you decided? Do you want to find your inner voice? Do you want to know what “turns it on” and “what shuts it down”? Are you curious enough? Or are you content with a frequency that occasionally broadcasts but on other days can’t even be found?

Please remember, this is a choice! Your choice.Assumptions


If you go looking for something, you need to have at least a vague idea about what to look for.

Have you ever tried to find a package of butter in a foreign country where you can’t read the labels? You don’t know what colours or brands to look for, you don’t know where in the store it is kept and you can’t even guess what the word is. It is hard but interesting

This journey is kind of similar, there are things you can rule out and there are things that always are pretty much the same.

Inner guidance is rarely a loud, screaming and demanding voice, it has too much integrity for that and if it was loud, you would have know it already. Wouldn’t you?

The noisy, loud voice inside is often the ego, and that has it advantages too, but it seldom has your best interest at heart. Its goal is to put you “on top” of everyone else, make sure you get double the amount compared to others and so on.

No, the inner voice is the soft one in the background and it will never tell you to step on someone in order to “get your share”, it knows, there is enough for everybody.


Our guidance is just that, guidance since it knows that it has to submit to universe rule number one – Your own will (your highest will). This rule can’t be bent or broken! You always have the last say so, you can choose or you can choose not to, you can listen or choose to ignore. Everything is always up to you!

So, guidance comes in the form of soft messages, often short, clear and only providing you with what is absolutely necessary the that moment. Getting one hint at a time or only seeing a step or two of the whole staircase.

Two hints are available already here, a soft, non-intrusive voice that gives small and clear hints, one at a time.

There is ONE exception to this hint and that is when your inner guidance is desperately trying to save you from an accident, something life threatening or making you assist someone else in his or her urgent predicament. Then it can be loud and very BOSSY but on those occasions you feel the urgency and the though of questioning the message doesn’t come until the whole episode has passed.

One of the most well known stories on this topic is Doreen Virtues famous story about the time when the Angels and her inner guidance got her out of a car jacking. Please look that up in her books or on line, if you are interested. But again, guidance in a loud, demanding voice is not usually connected to your inner guidance.

If you want to meet a someone you loved and missed and you have invited them to your house, well, then you try and stay at home as much as possible, right? Or you try and set a time, a day for them to show up, and you take every possible precaution to make sure that you do have your rendezvous with them.

Your inner guidance is no different then that loved friend or family member, you need to be home to meet them! Home, as in, present inside yourself, listening, being aware!

Set a time to listen can mean meditation, quieting your mind and there are several techniques for that so search and try out, until you find one that is right for you. Don’t give up! Its worth it and it gives additional benefits apart from finding that inner voice.

Try and2015-07-30 13.32.00 do it regularly! Everyone loves to know that they are appreciated, waited for, and so does the inner voice. Avoid distractions! This is a tough one in today’s society. There are noises everywhere, and input, and unsolved/undigested impressions and emotions.

Being on social media, asking “the world” for their opinion on every issue is not improving your relationship with your inner voice. What you shop for is then what you get – other people’s opinions and guidelines. Are those the best for you?

Several tribes of American Indians always gave the advice to keep quiet about a choice or a problem until you have found your “own mind”. Then you can ask for advice from someone you trust, someone you have chosen but not before that. Today the same advice are given in business when someone is approaching the negotiating table, make up your mind about where your boarders are before you enter.

Otherwise you might end up listening to the other persons drum and stretch yourself beyond your intended limits. So, point being, first try and listen to your inner guidance, then seek advice and information if necessary and as such, you are starting with the advice of the most important person in the world, yourself!


Emotions also tend to block out the inner voice so that we can’t hear it and therefore decide that it doesn’t exist. It is really silly since it seems that we need guidance desperately when we feel strong emotions.     Can emotions then be used as guidance too? The answer to that is YES.

Emotions are another type of guidance and they require a whole article on their own about how to interpret them, what they might show or hide etc and I won’t go into that here. Most of us feel that the inner guidance leaves us when we become emotional and then we can’t see clearly, or hear, only feel.

Well, leave it at that then. Just stay in the feeling and try to avoid to make any major decisions, avoid saying anything in the “heat of” the emotion, just acknowledge that the emotion is what is. If you do that, chances are, you will hear that tiny voice in the background, the one with the instruction and voila, your guidance is back on track.

Now I can see all the heads shaking, all the moaning and grunting – well, that is easier said then done.  Well, I didn’t say it would be ease. It requires practise, it depends on the situation and it doesn’t always work. But it is worth a try! And if it doesn’t work, don’t despair, the guidance is always there and it will return when the emotion settles. Or when you have practised a bit more.

A friend of mine is living with her family in the home where she grew up, she has bought it with her husband and they have raised their three kids there. Now she has decided for a divorce, she doesn’t want to stay married any longer but her husband wants nothing to do with it. He is upset; he wants to stay married to her. But as the divorce process has proceeded he has turned on his anger to protect himself and in this anger decided that he wants to stay in the house. The house is his!                                                                      She doesn’t waInner-guidancent to hear any of that, it is her home since she was a little girl and in her mind, it is her!

This is one example of a very tricky situation, when you really need and want your inner guidance but its very hidden and blocked among the emotions.  Unfortunately these are also the situations that really affect your life, you make life-changing choices and it is vital that the outcome is the best possible one for you.

Another issue is that these processes can extent over quite a long period of time, and then you can feel like a small boat in a stormy sea at night without a map. What to do then?

The best advice is to wait for the “more quiet” moments, and then try and connect with the guidance. Try and maintain the moments of meditation and quietness. Do things that feel good to you and then listen in. Find ways to ground yourself [see articles about that] Emotions are vibrations and that can be compared to electricity and you would never use strong electricity without it being grounded, would you? There is no difference here. You need Earth connection/grounding in order to handle your emotions and make wise choices.

Trying to practise listening to your inner guidance works best before you find yourself in tricky situation. It is like everything else, you start somewhere easy and work your way up the ladder.                                           Is the inner guidance always a voice? Something/someone you can hear…                                                       Not, absolutely not! You need to find your personal expression here.

Some see pictures/symbols, some hear messages inside their heads, some just feel drawn to certain things/places, and some get a physical message like a chill or an itch. There are probably as many variations as there are people and you can also have more then one of them.

Angel bumps, goose bumps, and Truth bumps – we give many names to those we love and these are some names for the chills that you can feel sometimes inside your body. It can be when you hear something that appeals to you, or something that is correct from your viewpoint. A psychologist I know claims that she always gets these when there is a profound breakthrough in a therapy session.

Me personally, I get a weird kind of chill up my trigeminal nerve on the left cheek when I work with spirits and inspirational presences. It never occurs otherwise and I always have associated it with being “spiritually tuned in”. But in addition, I do see symbols in meditation and I can hear messages so your inner guidance might find more then one way to speak to you. It is good to be aware of the as well.

Shall we sum it up a bit? Even though a list like this never gets finished, there are always more things to say.The inner guidance is:

Soft, non-intrusive and it never stops or ceases. It is always available even when it isn’t heard.

It gives short instructions, one at a time, never a whole manual that you run the risk of forgetting.

Maintenance: Start to learn to know your guidance to day, work your way into a good, working relationship with it. Take the situation into consideration.

Always be gentle with yourself & honour your personal experience with it. Learn to trust yourself, first and foremost, everyone and everything will benefit from that.

Good Luck on your inner quest! Let me know how you are doing!

Live with Passion and as always, Blessed you are,




















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