Forecast for Sunday 13 March 2016

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Todays card indicates that you have been asking for help, maybe you have been praying, sending your wishes to God or to the one you trust the most.

The card comes as a reminder, your wishes are heard and attended to at the same moment you send them out! But are you present in the moment? Are you listening and following the guidance?  Or are you doubting, being

[Message from your Angels cards By Doreen Virtue.]
to busy, not answering “the calls” that are coming in?

When I see this card I think of the story about the man and his wish to win the lottery. A man prays to God every day, and he prays for one thing only – he wishes to win the lottery! The grand price… All that money! He continues to pray and believe every day of his life, but the money never comes.

The man grows old and on the day that he makes his transition he meets God, face to face, and you can imagine his first question:    “Why God? I believed in you, I prayed, I was a good man…”                                   

God slowly shook his head and he then answered softly: “The ticket! I reminded you every week, you need to buy a ticket in order to win the lottery!”

What is your ticket? Have you bought it/taken action?  The card of the day reminds you of that process, ask, listen for guidance, and then do as directed, whatever that might mean.

Open up to the help you have asked for! You are so loved, blessed and universe always wants what is best for you. LET IT IN!   Have a great Sunday!



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